The Space Labyrinth Game

Between Portals

Between Portals is a mobile puzzle labyrinth game about taking the long route and exploring the universe.

Available on iOS (Android again soon)

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Each level has a finite amount of walls to place. Building the longest possible labyrinth is up to you – the longer the route, the more stars explored.

Flying through cosmic dust clouds shuts down your space capsule briefly - use them wisely.

Pass through wormholes to end up at different points in spacetime.

Between Portals is ad-free. The modest price tag keeps you undisturbed and us going. You aren't the product. Your data is stored on your phone or iCloud by choice. We can't see it nor do we want to. No in-app shenanigans. Purchase once and you unlock the entire game. Should you regret, use Apple's or Google's return policy for a refund.

We hope you enjoy it. For feedback or any inquiry, reach out to

Available on iOS (Android again soon) for $0.99

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