Between Portals - Space Capsule

The Space Labyrinth Game

Between Portals

Forget about finishing as fast as possible. Between Portals is a mobile puzzle game about taking the long route, simply exploring the universe.

Available on iOS and Android

Explore 270 stars across 90 star systems in 3 galaxies. Expect to be puzzled and challenged when mastering space labyrinths.

Between Portals - Milkyway Galaxy


Flying through cosmic dust clouds shuts down your space capsule briefly - use them wisely.

Between Portals - Andromeda


Pass through wormholes to end up at different points in spacetime - shorter routes may turn out longer.

Between Portals - Hoag's Object Galaxy

Hoag's Object

Expect hours of good fun and even longer to unlock all 270 stars.

No ads

The modest price tag keeps you undisturbed and us going.

No data

Your data is stored on your phone or iCloud by choice. We can't see it nor do we want to.

No shortcuts

No in-app purchases, no in-game currencies. Nothing beats the 3-star feeling.

Available on iOS and Android $2.99